• Published 2 months ago

    We prepared a collection of ideas on how to restyle your old clothes. You shouldn’t throw it away as you can make a new item just with basic sewing skills and no need to spend a lot of time.
    You are tired of your old jeans jacket? In order to give a fashionable note an old jeans jacket, you can create a lace insertion, using just some simple items. It takes literally 2 minutes and scissors to create this cool fashion DIY idea. Same ideas you can use to make cute shorts just replace pockets with laces.
    Regular T-shirts are so boring and unflattering but you can cut your t-shirt to become really fancy. Many stores sell shirts that are pre-cut, and many of them are too expensive. If you have an old t-shirt you may redesign your t-shirt yourself. Watch our video to make a cute t-shirt with a heart!
    Pantyhose is damaged? Reuse it! Cut your pantyhose to make a cute top, it will take a couple of minutes. Grab your scissors! Your white pantyhose look too boring, watch our video and learn how to color them at home using food coloring. We usually wear leggings as pants but camel toe could be embarrassing. Watch our video and learn how to prevent camel toe, no matter where you are or what you're wearing.
    Watch our video and you will find out how to fix different kinds of holes in your clothes. Your sweater is too small? Soak it in warm water with hair conditioner for 10 minutes. After that place your sweater onto a towel and stretch a bit.
    If your jeans are too old, don’t throw it away. We suggest cutting it out to make a bag. Use it to keep all your books or stationery or use it to carry around in a fabulous statement bag look. Moreover, you can decorate in any way you like. Become a fashion designer!

    02:20 Cut your boring t-shirt
    07:23 Sweater is too small?
    09:43 Resize your jeans
    14:03 Forget about camel toe
    14:15 Make a jeans skirt at home

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